ASL Done Right Volume 1 by Rochelle Barlow
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ASL Done Right Volume 1

I'll help you build a rock-solid foundation in American Sign Language. This course includes over 35 videos, a course manual with practice sheets & assignments, AND a practice library with over 35 more videos. 
Enrollment is closed

In this course, we'll cover:

  • The ASL alphabet
  • Fingerspelling (a vital ASL skill)
  • Grammar basics, including sentence structure, facial expressions, and classifiers
  • Learn over 200+ signs
  • Deaf Culture & Etiquette
  • Receptive practice (practicing when others sign to you)
  • Games
  • and more

What's included?

ASL Done Right Vol 1

ASL Done Right Vol 1

ASL Done Right Vol 1 Practice Library

ASL Done Right Vol 1 Practice Library


First of all, I want to thank you for the tremendous amount of effort you have put into your course. I have wanted to learn ASL for years, but always felt like money was a barrier. I have several books, but like you said, books can be “old school” and aren’t always very well explained. (Like M and N in fingerspelling! I’ve been hanging my fingers all the way down for as long as I’ve known the alphabet.) I feel like I have learned so much, and I have barely started the course material ! Once I have gone through all of that, I am seriously considering your other online course, as it’s very very reasonably priced. Thank you so much.
Trystan L
Learning from you was amazing! Plus, you're so nice and make us feel like we're only doing one-on-one classes. I would recomend it to anyone who's beginning to leran ASL. Rochelle Barlow rocks! 

My signing improved really fast! It's only been like a month and a half, two months tops, and I feel like I've known my alphabet forever! I improved a lot with my fingerspeling accuracy and speed, and I'm learning something new everyday. Thanks to you, it's really become a passion for me. 
Josué H
Today I got to practice my signing with a Deaf guy at the grocery store! He was excited I could sign to him and I was just as excited, too! It brightened both our days. I was extra happy it made him happy he had someone who understood him and could also sign! I'm so thankful for this course!
Hi Rochelle! I just want to say thank you, your course is amazing. My name is Alie, I’m Mexican and I’m obsessed with learning new languages so when I came across your online course I decided to take it and it’s absolutely amazing! I recently started teaching also my 6 year old son to sign, we both watch your course together and he’s happy to learn, and of course that makes me happier because thanks to you I can give this amazing opportunity to my boy of learning ASL. Have a great day!
Alie C
Thank you! I am in my 4th attempt to learn ASL. I never made it past a Preschool level but now, I am conversing with deaf adults, going to a deaf church and taking more of your classes.

Thank you for this! It is the most helpful thing I’ve seen over 30 yrs and I have shared your site with my friends. Thanks again!!!
I love the videos. I've been trying to teach myself ASL for years, but have yet to find a program as clear and accurate (and enjoyable) as this. :-)