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The video walks you through a few things: 

1) How to get into the Facebook group
2) How to get all set up for the…
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Before we throw a party (and we have to), let's do some simple housekeeping to get you all set up and raring to go. 

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The ASL Club

$9 / month
$99 / year (save 8%)
The ASL Club is designed to help you maintain & increase your signing skills, get your ASL questions answered, and practice signing with others.

Now is your chance to sign with other ASL students and signers. This is your opportunity to be a confident and proficient signer. 

I know many of my ASL students are dying to sign with other signers and practice their own signing in a safe place so they can keep moving forward and sign with others in the Deaf community without the fear and self doubt.

The ASL Club is just that, a weekly online club meeting. Each week we’ll meet as a Club and you’ll be taught an ASL principle or skill, we’ll answer questions, and then break out into groups for some guided practice time!

The Club also includes occasional masterclasses, mini trainings, and challenges to help build up signing skills faster and provide further education & understanding. I’ll be in the group throughout the week.

The membership includes: 
  • Weekly club meeting consisting of 3 parts: learning, Q&A, & group practice
  • ASL Club private FB group
  • Quarterly bonus trainings
Includes access to 2 products:
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Signing Zero to ASL Hero

$29 / month
$333 / year (save 4%)
This level of The ASL Club has access to not only The Club, but to several courses and learning resources. 
  • ASL Done Right Vol 1
  • ASL Done Right Vol 2
  • ASL Grammar Lab
  • ASL Done Right Vol 1 Practice Library
  • ASL Grammar Lab Practice Library
  • ASL Done Right Vol 1 Flashcards
  • ASL Summer Camp
  • ASL in Five
  • The Zero to Hero Monthly Challenges (a new month-long challenge released every month for 1 year)
Includes access to 12 products:
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